PT. Leadership Indonesia is an independent Indonesia consultancy company in oil spill response. Originally, we were affiliated with Leadership Ltd. of Oslo, Norway under the name Leadership Limited in 1983.

Based on a bilateral agreement between Norway and Indonesia, we engaged in the implementation of a comprehensive training program aiming at improving the competence of senior management personnel representing shipping companies, Shipbuilders, and maritime institutions. The program was executed in cooperation with the Directorate General of Sea Communication. A wide range of maritime training programs have been implemented throughout Indonesia.

Pertamina, Shipping Division had become one of our Clients in its efforts to improve the operational efficiencies regarding Fleet and Ship Management. Senior management personnel representing Shipping companies, Sea Transportation, various Directorates and Senior Ship Officers have been participated in these programs.

In 2005, Leadership Limited changed to PT. Leadership Indonesia, and then became fully Indonesian owned company in 2011. We have long track record in oil spill response sector particularly as a consultant company, including organize the accredited oil spill response training to meet the needs of personnel in the response operation, until develop the oil spill risk assessment which is very useful as guidance in the response operation.